Acoustic Products

Acoustic Joinery has been set up in response to our own experiences in assisting architects and main contractors to supply joinery products safe in the knowledge they comply with acoustic and fine specifications. Our extensive product knowledge, range of products and installation service provides a single point for all interior acoustic needs.  Assembling the correct components to achieve the appropriate acoustic and fire rated joinery can be a complicated process so let Acoustic Joinery do the work for you. We hope that this website will guide and assist you in choosing the correct acoustic joinery products for your project. Research and testing has been undertaken by Acoustic Joinery to provide highly effective sound absorbing and noise reduction acoustic solutions. Through our close links with our sister companies Winston Joinery Limited and WJL Contracts Limited, services offered include manufacture, supply and installation.

Our products have been developed to provides acoustic solutions for schools (in line with BB93 regulations), offices, theatres, lecture rooms, and any building where noise absorption and sound reduction is required. All of our products are offered with supporting acoustic test certificates.

Absorption Requirements

The objective of the panelling and baffles systems are to provide suitable reverberation times for clear communication of speech. The reverberation time is simply the length of time it takes for the sound produced to be removed (defind as a reduction in sound of 60 decibels). 

Aesthetic Requirements

Traditional absorbers tend to be supplied as mineral wool or foam with a form of fabric wrapping. Whilst they perform effectively as absorbers they may be seen as limited in terms of aesthetics. Our products offer a wide range of solid timber, vaneer, laminate, melanine and painted finish to offer solutions to all manner of aesthetics designs. 

Legal Requirements

All Acoustic Joinery products have been developed in line with statutory regulations. Requirement E4 from part E of schedule 1 building regulation states that ‘each room or other space in a school building shall be designed and constructed in such a way that it has the acoustic conditions and insulation against disturbance by noise appropriate to its intended use.’