Sound Research Laboratory Testing (UKAS Accredited)

Utilising the results of our initial tests which were carried out using an absorption tube, we developed acoustic panels and baffles that we considered  would be the most effective considering a balance of cost / aesthetics / performance.

Our acoustic panels were then measured for absorption by testing them at Sound Research Laboratories  (UKAS Accredited) in accordance with BS EN ISO 354:2003.  A comprehensive range of 6 types of  acoustic panels and baffles were tested measuring the Absorption Coefficient of each of these systeems. As a result of this testing we are now able to offer a wide range of products offering varying Absorption Coefficients classified from B to E.

Panelling Types

The market appeared to require/prefer two types of panels, perforated panels (panel type A and B below) and slotted panels (panel type C and D below) 


All our products were tested as an assesment of their absorption co-efficient expressed as a value between 0 and 1 where 0 represents no absorption and 1 represents total absorption.

Echofade Panels – SRL Test Data Results

Panel Type A
6mm diameter holes at 16mm horizontal and vertical centres / NRC-0.65-CLASS D absorber
Panel Type B
6mm diameter holes at 32mm horizontal and vertical centres / NRC-0.30-CLASS E absorber
Panel Type C
6mm x 42mm slots at 16mm horizontal and 52mm vertical centres / NRC-0.80-CLASS B absorber
Panel Type D
50% – 6mm diameter holes at 32mm horizontal and vertical centres – NRC-0.55-Class D absorber

Solid Timber Baffles Types

From an aesthetic point of view the solid timber baffles or battens provide a stunning finish to any building. We therefore researched, developed and tested solid timber baffles in tandem with acoustic absorption materials.



Following on from the results of our initial testing we then settled on marketing and testing these two baffles systems. 

Echofade Baffles – SRL Test Data

Panel Type E
Hit & miss timber slats 44 x 32 with approx 22mm spacing / NRC-0.80-CLASS C absorber
Panel Type F
Hit & miss timber slats 44 x 32 with approx 44mm spacing / NRC-0.85-CLASS B absorber

These tested systems provide a very broad spectrum of acoustic absorption, all reducing reverberation times within all types of building uses. ISO 11654 describes classes of absorption from A to E which is used as a method of assisting designers to provide the most suitable level of absorption for the area and application under consideration.